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WIFEY our iconic t-shirts

     When creating WIFEY t-shirts, we thought, we want to embroider a word on it, which would honour somebody and would have a deeper meaning. So we came up with the idea that WIFEY is a perfect and magical word because every woman behind wife name is the one who works hard, grows kids, moves the biggest mountains and is generally strong as hell woman. This kind of woman is motivation and inspiration to many of us. We wanted that women who wear our tees would remember how strong they are, and would inspire others.

WIFEY embroidered word that has a deeper meaning

..And our WIFEY t-shirts didn’t go unnoticed. It became our bestseller, it got sold out in days, so we restocked it quickly, and now keeping the stock full so it can be available for a longer time. WIFEY t-shirts turned into favourite ones to our clients who have plenty of events to celebrate: weddings, bachelorette parties, honeymoons, and daily basis activities, such as coffee walks to the city centre.

Walks to the old town in WIFEY tees

WIFEY t-shirts didn’t go unnoticed and by the men. That is not a surprise to us anymore when WIFEY t-shirts are being purchased by the husbands, boyfriends, friends. These t-shirts became such a lovely gift to their second half as a reminder of how much they love them.

WIFEY t-shirts didn’t go unnoticed and by the men

    Very important fact, that WIFEY t-shirts are a perfect present. It is wonderful and can be gifted for so many different occasions. Is it your anniversary coming? Ohh yes, WIFEY tees are the perfect gift! Birthday? YAS, spice it up the mood! Are you planning to propose in creative ways? Make it very special by gifting our t-shirts to her! Valentines day? Ohh yes, show her special attention and make her smile! Planning a hen party to your best friend? She will be the happiest wife to be in WIFEY t-shirts at her bachelorette party! Small wedding gift? You are the best husband! Honeymoon? What a wonderful photo-shoot could be in those t-shirts, perfect memories guaranteed for a lifetime! … Well, you name the celebration, WIFEY tees are a lifesaver when it comes to a small gift for your beloved one. 

Are you planning to propose in creative ways?

Ohh yes, WIFEY tees are the perfect gift!

     Let’s talk about production now. It's not only about WIFEY tees, but all our items stand for the same values. We are choosing our materials very carefully. Our WIFEY tees are made out of 100% organic cotton. The word WIFEY was very carefully embroidered to every t-shirt separately. The tees are made in our home country - Lithuania, where we can control and manage production easily, but the most important, we support local manufacturing and fair trade. So there is no other place where we would want to manufacture than our home country. What is more, we don’t create only for seasons or trends, we are creating long-lasting items, as we strive for durability. It is not about fast fashion, it’s about quality, made to last, lifetime pieces. That is what we strive for. 

It is not about fast fashion, it’s about quality, durability about lifetime pieces

    WIFEY tees became our bestselling iconic t-shirts. As WIFEY tees are so loved by our customers we are going to keep its stock longer, so it will be available for longer time. Those tees are perfect gift and clever investment, as it is quality product, which going to last longer, is Earth friendly and even have emotional meaning to you. WIFEY.

The tees are made in our home country - Lithuania

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